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Be Easy Brewing

Aomori Ale Sakura - American Wheat Ale

Aomori Ale Sakura - American Wheat Ale

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Style: American Wheat

ABV: 5.5%

JANコード  4580783381689

賞味期限  2024.10

Be Easy Brewing で人気の定番商品「青森エール」の桜ラベルバージョンです。


🥉「International Beer Cup 2019」Keg部門/Light American Wheat Beer without Yeastスタイル〈銅賞〉

Aomori Ale is a special beer made for the local market.  It is usually only available to drink on tap at twenty local businesses.  A light bodied American Wheat Ale with just enough hops to keep craft beer drinkers interested, while allowing newcomers to get introduced to craft beer.  


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