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Idawashii Aomori Ale with Aomori Apples

Idawashii Aomori Ale with Aomori Apples

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Style: American Wheat with Aomori Apple

ABV:  6%

JANコード  4580783381412

賞味期限  2024.6




In a collaborative effort with local farmers facing weather challenges, we rescued perfectly good apples destined for disposal. Sourced from 10 struggling farms, we've crafted a unique beer by blending their fresh juice with our renowned Aomori Ale – a delightful 50/50 mix. This hybrid creation not only embodies our distinct beer but also celebrates the rich flavors of Aomori Apples.

As a token of sustainability, we anticipate more ventures like this, so stay tuned. Enjoy the beer, knowing that each sip supports our local farming community. Cheers!

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