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Bittado - Yuzu Milk Shake IPA

Bittado - Yuzu Milk Shake IPA

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Style: Yuzu Milk Shake IPA

ABV 6%


JANコード: 4580783381788

賞味期限 : 2025.1

津軽弁 : ぴったりと

🍻 びったど! 🍦✨


🔸 材料: ゆず、ミルクシュガー、バニラビーンズ

🔸 味わい: 濃厚なアイスクリームの香りとフレーバー、ゆずのシトラスとビールのバランスの取れたほろ苦さ


🍦 このユニークなビールを楽しんで、クラフトビールの限界がどこまで広がるかを体験してみてください。ぜひ缶を手に取ってお楽しみください!

🍻 Bittado! 🍦✨

It's been a while since our last Milkshake IPA, but we're back with a whole new twist! This time, we've crafted an IPA that's bursting with Yuzu, Milk Sugar, and Vanilla Beans, creating an incredible ice cream aroma and flavor experience.

🔸 Ingredients: Yuzu, Milk Sugar, Vanilla Beans

🔸 Flavor Profile: Heavy ice cream aroma and flavor, followed by a burst of citrus from Yuzu and a balanced bitterness from the beer

This IPA is our truest representation yet of what an "ice cream" beer can be. It's a delightful surprise for anyone who gives it a try, pushing the boundaries of what craft beer can achieve.

🍦 Embrace this crazy rendition of beer and discover just how far the limits of craft beer can go. Grab a can and enjoy!

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