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Chuhanme - Vienna Lager

Chuhanme - Vienna Lager

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Style: Vienna Lager



JANコード: 4580783381351

賞味期限 : 2024.5

津軽弁 : お昼ごはん前

 お待たせしました!私たちの人気商品であるVienna Lagerが戻ってきました。このビールは当醸造所の中でも大変愛されており、伝統と革新の融合を楽しめます。Vienna Lagerは、しっかりしたボディの味わいとラガーの爽快さを絶妙に組み合わせています。今回はこのボディーに、私たちのお気に入りのホップをちりばめ、現代のクラフトビール愛好家が楽しむ要素を加えました。その結果、麦の甘さとホップのキャラクターが見事に調和し、魅力的な味わいに!!

Introducing a long-awaited comeback – our beloved Vienna Lager. This brew has been a cherished staple at our brewery, and it's back with a delightful blend of tradition and innovation. The Vienna Lager is celebrated by brewers for its exceptional drinkability, harmoniously combining a rich, full-bodied flavor with the refreshment of a lager.

Our unique twist on this classic lager involves infusing it with a touch of our favorite hops, adding a modern craft beer flair that enthusiasts adore. The result? A harmonious fusion of malt sweetness and hoppy character, making it an irresistible choice for today's craft beer aficionados.

Don't just take our word for it – give it a try, and we're confident you won't be able to resist having just one. Welcome back the Vienna Lager and experience the best of both worlds, where tradition meets contemporary craft brewing.

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