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Be Easy Brewing

HANETO - Fruits Ale

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Style: Fruits Ale (Raspberry, Strawberry, Aomori Black Currant)

ABV: 5.5 %


JANコード: 4580783380385 

賞味期限 : 2023/3


青森の夏のお祭り「ねぶた」にあう、フルーツエールを醸造しました!カシス、ラズベリー、イチゴを加え、全体の風味を支えるMosaic Hopを使用。Hopのもつキャラクターとフルーツそれぞれの風味が感じられ、ちょうどいい苦みがまたそれぞれを引き立てます。 バランスのいいさわやかなフルーツエールです。 

We decided to make a fruit ale that goes well with summer festivals.  This beer is made with black currant, raspberry, and strawberry.  We kept it light on the fruits so that you can still enjoy the lovely Mosaic hop character that supports the whole beer.  What you get is a fruity aroma from both the actual fruits and the hops followed by a beer that has just enough bitterness to support the fruit character as well.