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  • Jawamegu IPA - Be Easy Brewing
  • Jawamegu IPA - Be Easy Brewing
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Be Easy Brewing

Jawamegu IPA

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Style: IPA

ABV: 7%



JANコード:  4580783380453

賞味期限: 2023/4

今回のIPAは特別なキャラクターがある Simpsons Naked Oatsを使いました。そのオーツの上にホップいっぱい入れ、シトラス、ダンク、杉とフルーツ、トロピカルの間の風味がするビール。初めて Eureka!のホップを使い、ゆっくり飲むとどんどん違う味が出てくるので飲むのが楽しいビールです。

This time around we decided to make an IPA and added a little bit of the delicious and charactful Simpsons Golden Naked Oats.  These oats help balance out the beer so we were able to load up the hops.  We also used Eureka! hops for the first time and really enjoy them.  This beer is between the citrus, piney, and dank IPAs and the newer fruity and tropical styles of IPA.   The aroma and hop character are sure to make IPA lovers satisfied and keep them curious because each sip is a little different.