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Magic Spell - Aomori

Magic Spell - Aomori

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Style: Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout

ABV: 4%


JANコード: 4580783381559

賞味期限 : 2024.8




Magic Spellの次章、エピソード2「AOMORI」で新しい旅に出かけましょう。クラフトビールが期待を超え、感覚を楽しませる場所です。探求と革新に乾杯!

Our continued collaboration with Ishizuka Chihiro that pushes the boundaries of craft beer. After the success of KUROISHI, our approachable pale ale, we introduce AOMORI, showcasing the limitless possibilities of craft brewing.

AOMORI is a daring creation, starting with a milk stout base and infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of chili peppers, inspired by the rich flavors of Mexican hot chocolate. The aroma delights with chocolatey coffee notes, complemented by a subtle spice from cinnamon and nutmeg.

As you take the first sip, experience the layers unfold – from the familiar stout richness to the warmth of spices, culminating in a pleasant heat from the chili peppers on the back end. AOMORI promises a playful and enjoyable beer journey, inviting you to savor each element.

Embark on the next chapter of Magic Spell with AOMORI – where craft beer transcends expectations and delights the senses. Cheers to exploration and innovation! 
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