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Suzugaru - Hazy IPA

Suzugaru - Hazy IPA

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Style: Hazy IPA

ABV 6%


JANコード: 4580783381764

賞味期限 : 2024.12

津軽弁 : からかう

🍻すずがる 🌞🍺


🔸 ホップ: アメリカとニュージーランドのホップをミックス

🔸 味わい: シトラスとトロピカルのフルーツバスケットのような風味、クリーミーな口当たりでバランス良し

🔸 特徴: ドライホップをたっぷり使用し、しっかりしたホップキャラクターが後味のビター感をサポート


🌞 気温が上がる中、この新しいヘイジーIPAで夏を満喫しましょう。ぜひ缶を手に取って、夏の味わいを楽しんでください!

🍻 Suzugaru Hazy IPA! 🌞🍺

We’re back with another tantalizing Hazy IPA that’s perfect for kicking off beer season as the weather heats up! This time, we’ve returned to our favorite traditional T90 pellets to pack in all the flavor and aroma you love.

🔸 Hops: A delightful blend of American and New Zealand hops

🔸 Flavor Profile: A fruit basket of citrus and tropical notes, balanced with a creamy mouthfeel

🔸 Special Features: Heavily dry-hopped for a robust hop character that supports a pleasant bitterness on the finish

Experience the luscious juiciness that lingers on your tongue, making every sip a delight. This Hazy IPA is a masterful mix of vibrant hop flavors and a smooth, creamy texture, designed to keep you refreshed and satisfied.

🌞 As the temperatures rise, there’s no better way to enjoy the season than with our new Hazy IPA. Grab a can and savor the taste of summer!


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